How My "FishyTales"Evolved
"Sketching eyes as a pastime, I discovered that
  the lines could make them look like a fish."
My previous experience in swimming, skindiving and deep sea fishing had already shown me new worlds, forms, behaviors and perspectives on how the animals relate to mankind. In their principles and actions, they're not much different from us.
I imagined the reactions of fish to our behavior in the human world. For example, seeing a lot of waste dumped into the waters where the fish live, gave me the idea of what it would be like if someone did the same thing to me in my backyard. Or how about the big fish tale of "the one who got away" and told the story from his perspective to his fish friends.

Though I am aware of many species of fish and their physical appearances, I found that I could express in my drawings an impression of a fish, creating them out of my imagination to maintain a never-ending source.
In my cartoons, the reflections I place below them are to distract
or add a background in relation
to the FishyTales characters.
FishyTales gives me the opportunity to express my opinions, humor, satire and message with unlimited applications....print comics, animated television spots, stationary and gift items, etc.

In the printed cartoons, I can also leave the dialogue spaces empty, giving the viewers the opportunity to fill in the blanks with their own creativity.

--Gil Veda
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